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Cannabis Vodka

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Cannabis has a history of being mixed with other substances to either enhance its effects or add to its enjoyment; it took the Eastern Europeans, specifically those in the Czech Republic, to think of mixing it with vodka.

“Grow your own massive buds at home!”

Vodka, a cereal based alcohol, is known as ‘the clean spirit’ and can be consumed by many without causing the dreaded hangover and its clean taste makes it particularly suitable as a mixer.

In Cannabis vodka, cannabis sativa seeds of the Beniko species are mixed with 40% proof vodka to produce a mildly psychoactive drink with an herbal aftertaste.

There a few commercial products available, although we can’t vouch for the legality (or otherwise) of these drinks. We give you the information; it’s up to you what you do with it.

Of course, you could always try making your own cannabis vodka

CANNABIS VODKA - Try it the Cezchs love it.

Cannabis Vodka is a unique alcoholic drink of its kind. It is a mild spirit made from cereal alcohol, treated water, sugar and hemp seads of Beniko species (Cannabis sativa L.) Yukos Gets Green Light to Sell Cannabis Vodka - Yukos has won a court victory: It can legally sell Cannabis Vodka.

Cannabis Vodka and other Marijuana recipes on drugs-plaza -The place you will find everything you want to know about soft-drugs, like Marihuana, Magic Mushrooms, Herbal drugs, Herbal ecstasy, cannabis, weed, pot + more.

Original hemp vodka - A new vodka drink containing cannabis seeds.

Manufacturer of Energy Drinks, Liquors, Beers, and Wines. Private Cannabis Vodka rear label can be modified to meet your government requirements.

- VOD-CA is not available for private labeling

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