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Is made from Bolivian Coca Leaves, which are shipped under armed guard to Amsterdam. Each bottle of liqueur contains 40 grams of coca leaf. Other ingredients are dry-roasted seeds of Amazon Gaurana and Chinese Ginseng.

The taste is quite bitter due to the coca leaves, so Coca Leaf Liqueur is best experienced chilled and mixed with cola, ginger beer, or some other mixer.

It is believed that messengers of the South American Inca tribe chewed the leaves to help them move at high speed through the high Peruvian forests and they are still used in Peru today as an antidote to altitude sickness.

The effects of Coca Leaf Liqueur are long lasting, making it excellent as an ‘aperitif’ before a night out on the town.

The drink is produced by Agwa who retail it through a number of outlets worldwide.

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